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12 February 2008:

Two brand-new videos up! Watch the Flaggman in action in "Sleeper Cell: American Terror."
The first video is Flagg (on the left in the first shot) acting on an episode of the show, playing an FBI agent. The second video is an interview with the Flaggman and his CIA counterpart about their
work on the show, and with their respective federal agencies.



8 December 2006:
The reviews of Sleeper Cell: American Terror are in.


- New York Times review
- Chicago Sun-Times review
- NPR Michael Ealy interview

4 November 2006:
Sleeper Cell: American Terror premieres December 10th.
Get a first look here

17 April 2006:
Warren Flagg is interviewed for the cover story of Newsday.

The online article can be found here
A closeup of Warren's section of the page can be found here.

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